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RAB Revises HD Radio White Paper

RAB Revises HD Radio White Paper

Polk Audio is scheduled to launch an HD Radio tabletop unit in April, while high-end home component units are on the way from Audio Design Associates, Day Sequerra and Rotel, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, which has revised its White Paper on digital radio.
Written for non-techies who know little about HD Radio, the three-sheet paper is a quick read meant to get a potential advertiser, for example, quickly up to speed about IBOC.
“Boston Acoustics’ Recepter HD tabletop radio is available, as is Yamaha’s home component receiver,” the sheet states.
The RAB lists after-market auto receivers from Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Eclipse, Sanyo, and Panasonic as selling at retail with new automotive aftermarket technology to debut in 2006 to allow consumers to convert existing car radios to receive HD Radio signals.
This is the RAB’s second update to the RAB Radio White Paper, which the organization says is a “clear indication of how quickly radio is moving into the digital space.”