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RAB Signs Stanaland for Convention

RAB Signs Stanaland for Convention

Gene Stanaland will keynote the Saturday luncheon at RAB2003 this winter. RAB officials expect the president of an economics and management consulting firm to help radio salespeople calm their jittery clients. The convention is in New Orleans beginning Jan. 30.
RAB said Stanaland is known as the “Will Rogers of Economics.” His theme is what he calls a “significant disconnect” between the stock market and the economy.
“Many people assume that the stock market is the economy, which is not true,” he said in a statement from RAB. “The big hurdle that we have to overcome is the psychological baggage: concerns about terrorism; the possibility of war with Iraq; worries about job losses and the Enron-type accounting scandals. As we get these things behind us, the mood of the people will change, as we are already seeing.” Info: