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RADAR Cume Numbers Jump

Network radio sees a boost in quarterly statistic

Arbitron says its latest RADAR numbers demonstrate the strength of network radio.

Its cumulative audience estimates for the 58 networks rated by its RADAR service show more than 1 million more listeners age 12+ than just three months ago.

“The September 2009 RADAR 102 saw an increase in the number of people reached by network radio from the RADAR 101 period for key buying and selling demographic groups,” the research company stated. “The September report revealed 1,027,000 more listeners for Persons 18+; Persons 12+ showed an increase of 1,054,000 listeners compared to the RADAR 101 report.”

Radio’s Arbitron numbers continue to reflect increased penetration of the PPM system.

The top RADAR-rated networks for cume audience to all commercials for persons in the 25–54 demographic were Premiere Pearl Network with a cume audience of 16.2 million and a cume rating of 12.8, followed by Premiere Pearl Plus, Dial Global Contemporary and Premiere Emerald Plus.

In the 18–49 demographic, the top performer was Premiere Emerald Plus (17.6 million cume, 13 cume rating), followed by Premiere Emerald and Premiere Diamond.

Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research, or RADAR, measures network commercial audiences by combining radio listening information with clearance data for broadcasts and commercial exposures.