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RADAR Sample Growth Complete

RADAR Sample Growth Complete

Verification technology has been a hot item in recent months in radio. Now Arbitron will begin using Mediaguide broadcast monitoring technology to verify whether radio commercials scheduled to be aired on affiliated stations of its RADAR-rated networks were in fact broadcast as indicated on the network commercial clearance reports.
Arbitron also said that with next week’s release of network radio listening numbers, the final phase of a sample size increase is complete. RADAR’s sample size is now approximately 70,000 diarykeepers.
This coming report will be the first for CrystalNet Prestige, Jones MediaAmerica TWC Radio Network and Premiere Urban One Radio Network.
RADAR now measures 40 networks operated by ABC Radio Networks, American Urban Radio Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Dial Communications – Global Media, Inc., Jones MediaAmerica Inc., Premiere Radio Networks and Westwood One Radio Networks.