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Radio Absent From National Ad Campaign on Media Ownership

Radio Absent From National Ad Campaign on Media Ownership

Common Cause and MoveOn.Org are launching a $40,000 print and TV ad campaign this week to raise public awareness of the potential repercussions if the FCC votes as scheduled next week on revised media ownership rules.
FCC observers have predicted the agency will relax TV and cross-ownership restrictions. The method for determining how many radio stations make up one market is subject to revision as well.
The ad campaign leaves out radio, focusing on potential mergers between TV and newspapers. The ads feature Rupert Murdoch, whose stable of media ownership in the U.S. includes the Fox TV network, cable networks, local U.S. TV stations, record companies, movie studios and newspapers.
“This man wants to control the news in America. The FCC wants to help him. You can stop them,” state the organizations in the ads. Viewers/readers are urged to make their opinion known to the FCC.