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Radio App Thunder from Down Under

Australian startup offers complete mobile app package

Say you’re running a radio station or cluster and the boss says, “We need to be on this mobile thingie everyone’s talking about!” What do you do?

There are companies that offer an app and there are companies that offer the service for the app. And there are a handful that do both.

One those latter players is a new Australian startup, iApps. According to a recent iApps release, they are offering a cheap and easy way for an individual station (or group) to obtain its own mobile app and service. IApps can even provide a customized “skin” for the app to reflect the station’s logo and themes.

And there are “revenue generating” possibilities thanks to built-in ad spaces in the app. IApps takes a hands off approach to the ads, leaving them in the hands of the station sales team. For those worried that the company operates out of Australia, well, through the magic of the Internet the whole world is basically at your doorstep.

Naturally, all of this is not free. IApps indicates that a “small monthly charge” will be incurred for the service — but that includes all of that often confusing server and bandwidth technical rigamarole.

As of this point, iApps is concentrating on the Apple platform. It could be a start.