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Radio Casa Pueblo Goes Solar

Puerto Rican station now operates entirely with renewable energy

Community radio station Radio Casa Pueblo, located in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, says it is now operating entirely with renewable energy.

According to the broadcaster, the project, which was carried out in collaboration with Maximo Solar Industries, takes on a special significance after the devastation of hurricane Maria last year. The station, whose operation no longer depends on electricity from the island’s wrecked grid, says it played a big part in informing inhabitants of the island’s central region during the hurricane.

“Radio Casa Pueblo marks a new path for telecommunications. After hurricane Maria, communications collapsed for several reasons such as destroyed antennas, impassable access roads and the lack of fuel for power generators,” said Arturo Massol Deyá, associate director of Casa Pueblo.

“Although Casa Pueblo already worked with solar power, the transmitter still depended on a power generator. The high conventional costs of operating this transmitter strained the daily operation of our radio station. This solar project liberates us from onerous expenses and leaves us better prepared, not only for our daily work but also to face emergencies.”

The project, which cost nearly US$73,000, consisted of the installation of 42 solar panels of 260 watts each, producing around 16,000 annual kWh, combined with a Deka Unigy II 48AVR95-93 battery that provides power for the station’s total operation.

“Puerto Rico’s energy transformation toward a cleaner and sustainable model requires palpable, concrete actions,” said Máximo Torres, president of Maximo Solar Industries. “Today we are participants of a real initiative to help one of many energy projects that produce and store their energy. These are projects that greatly contribute to improving Puerto Rico and its communities,” Torres added.

Radio Casa Pueblo broadcasts on 1020AM in the central zone of Puerto Rico and via the internet.