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Radio Dominated by Male Managers

Radio Dominated by Male Managers

The glass ceiling that prevents women from earning the same as men for the same work isn’t being kicked in for the radio industry, according to a study released by the Mentoring and Inspiring Women group. As of late 2004, women were managing 15% of all radio stations in the United States, up just 1% from 14% in 2003.
The gender composition study is based on information provided by MStreet publications about 10,634 U.S. radio stations in its database.
“Among the 120 groups owning 12 or more stations, the ratio has improved somewhat – women manage 18.5% of the 4814 stations owned by these groups, compared to 17.7% in 2003,” stated Nancy Vaeth-DuBroff, newly appointed President and COO of Susquehanna Radio Corp. and spokesperson for the MIW group.
While there are slight increases in the general management of some groups, according to the results, only a few companies are showing significant progress: Entercom, Clear Channel and Citadel exceed the average with 24%, 20% and 19% women GMs respectively. Cumulus at 17% and Infinity at 15% are below average, and forty-two, which represents 35% of the 120 groups, have no female GMs, including: Jefferson Pilot, Greater Media, Nassau Broadcasting, New Northwest and Mid-West Family.
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