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Radio Engineers: Make a List and Check it Twice

As 2022 comes to an end, Larry Wilkins says check those logs!

Larry Wilkins, director of engineering services for the Alabama Broadcasters Association, recently shared some practical tech tips for radio engineers to keep in mind as 2022 comes to a close. Wilkins is a past recipient of the Radio World Excellence in Engineering Award.

“The end of a year brings about several duties for the engineer,” said Wilkins.

His advice is as follows:

  •  Check the status of the “Station Log.” These logs are required to be maintained for a period of two years. Now is a good time to review these and put them together either manually or electronically for the entire year.
  • For AM stations, review the status of the NRSC reports which, like the Station Log, are required to be maintained for a period of two years.
  • Pick up new notebook for your all-important “maintenance log” for the new year.
  • Organize your 2023 calendar for major events (conventions, SBE meetings, etc.), installations, and preventive maintenance items.

Above all, Wilkins advises engineers to be intentional with how they spend their time in the new year.

“It is best to focus on just one thing at a time, rather than have your attention scattered in multiple directions, he said. “As a broadcast engineer, we should always try to tackle one project to finish before moving on to another.”

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