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Radio Listening Stat Jumps

In a typical week, 220 million tune to RADAR network affiliated stations, up 7 million from a year ago

Another RADAR report is coming out from Arbitron shortly, and it will again reinforce the point that as more markets transition to electronic ratings, the total reach of radio is turning out to be larger than previously thought.

The company says radio reaches more than 239 million people age 12+ in a typical week, repeating the estimate it made three months ago (and compared to 235 million two years ago). Further, over the course of a typical week, about 220 million tune to the 7,200 stations affiliated with the RADAR network ratings service, up from 213 million listeners at this time last year.

“Since the December 2007 RADAR 95 report, the RADAR national radio listening estimates and network radio audience reports have been based on the Portable People Meter respondents from markets where Arbitron has commercialized the PPM ratings service and on diary respondents from the balance of the United States,” the company reported.

“The combination of PPM and diary respondents have shown more listeners to radio over the course of a week versus the 2007 RADAR listening reports which were based on diary respondents alone.”

Arbitron says that “despite the adoption of MP3 players and the growth of mobile and Internet-only stations, radio reaches 93.1% of persons aged 12+ each week. Even 91% of the youngest radio audience, teens aged 12–17, who are most accustomed to using new technologies and forms of media, continue to tune in each week.”