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Radio Martí Turns 30

Will air interviews with Cubans on its impact

May 20 marks the 30th year Radio Martí has been broadcasting uncensored news and information to the island nation.

The Office of Cuba Broadcasting oversees both Radio and TV Martí.OCB is under the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees U.S. government-supported civilian overseas broadcasting.

Radio Martí went on the air in 1985, and its TV counterpart began broadcasting in 1990.

Director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting Carlos García-Pérez oversees Radio and TV Martí. He calls the length of time that Radio Martí has been broadcasting “a testament to the importance of a free flow of information.”

The Cuban government continuously tries to jam Martí broadcasts, however Radio Martí says it uses a combination of high- and low-tech approaches to reach Cuban citizens, including satellite, shortwave and AM radio, online, flash drives, DVDs and mobile apps. The OCB cites a March survey that found 20% of Cubans tune into Radio Martí, we’ve reported.

The investigative unit of Radio Martí has over the years sought to corroborate news leads coming from the island. Martí has also provided public health information to Cuban residents.

Radio and TV Martí will share a historic timeline, photos and articles online and provide special programming, remember key moments from its history and air interviews with Cubans on the impact of Radio Martí.