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Radio NTR Events Declining in Number

Radio NTR Events Declining in Number

The Radio Advertising Bureau is out with its fifth annual Non-traditional Revenue Survey.
Among the findings:

– There’s been a “dramatic” increase in NTR activity in mid-sized markets, but a drop in NTR efforts in the largest markets.
– Most stations plan to boost their NTR efforts in 2004, with 86% of the respondents reporting that they expect to increase their NTR selling this year.
– Event marketing retained its top slot as the most popular form of NTR among 93% of surveyed stations, with 74% indicating plans to accelerate in that area.
– Cause-related marketing saw a 4 percent jump, as more stations and sponsors see the connection between the feel-good-factor and a Return on Investment (ROI).
– “Surprisingly though, there was a 2% decrease in training for event marketing and a 4% decrease in cause-related marketing training,” RAB found. “Moreover, the survey clearly showed a decrease in the total number of annual station events, demonstrating that stations are focusing on one or two events to generate the lion’s share of their NTR revenue.”
RAB said stations identify time management as the biggest hurdle to overcome in NTR selling.