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Radio Preservation Task Force Announces Second Conference

Will be held Nov. 1–4 in Washington

The Radio Preservation Task Force will hold its second conference this fall in Washington. From Nov. 1–4, enthusiasts and professionals will convene at the Wilson Center, The Library of Congress Madison Building and National Public Radio.

The conference’s theme is “Moving Radio’s Recorded History into Archives to Encourage Research and Teaching Efforts.”

According to Josh Shepperd, “We’ll be focused primarily on the ‘logistics’ of radio preservation, with some attention to broadcasting content areas in need of preservation.”

The conference’s goals include bringing together stakeholders and gatekeepers, increasing awareness, provide incentive to complete projects, to begin new initiatives and to collector community within RPTF activities

Planned panel and roundtable themes include: building item and collection level metadata; recruitment of university library deans to begin to build infrastructure for audio shelving; grant writing practicum for ‘split collection’ applications; building shared curricular goals through participation in national conferences; the work of commercial broadcasters in preservation; exploring federal radio collections; radio journalism; preserving public media; The American Archives of Public Broadcasting update; call-in, community organizing and drive-time radio; indigenous peoples radio; African American radio; Spanish language radio; the work of collectors; and participation from public sector employees to discuss steps of audio preservation and curation.

Topics will include identifying potential archives for endangered materials, opportunities for grant writing collaboration, utilization of archival radio materials for education and identifying how to continue content aggregation, indexing and access. 

In addition to the panels and other meeting, the conference will include an “open research day” at NARA, the Library of Congress, Library of American Broadcasting or Public Broadcasting Archives. The second half of the Nov. 3 schedule will be organized by American Archives.