Radio Sibenik Adds Harman Studer OnAir 2500

Croatian station is loyal to Studer brand
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Croatian independent broadcaster Radio Sibenik has deployed a new Harman Studer OnAir 2500.

The station’s programming is based on news, sports, politics and culture reports, as well as pop and easy listening music.

“We needed a sufficient number of inputs and outputs (the more the better), endurance and reliability and flexibility of equipment,” Director of Production Ante Baric said.

Studer’s OnAir 2500 digital console features a control surface, I/O breakout, DSP core and power supply integrated within a single chassis.

Studer dealer AVC Zagreb provided the OnAir 2500 configured with six microphone inputs, three stereo line inputs, two line mono inputs, four stereo AES inputs and a FireWire input.

Outputs include a stereo AES PGM output, stereo line output for recording, stereo line output for Internet streaming and a stereo line output for connection with another studio. It also features a talkback/monitoring module. The console takes feeds from microphones, PC, a CD player, two telephone hybrids and FM tuner.

The OnAir 2500 functions alone, but the station is considering a Studer CMS Lite on-air telephone system.

Radio Sibenik has utilized Studer and Soundcraft equipment since its inception as a local radio station using a mediumwave transmitter in 1968. The station has broadcast on the FM band since 1972.