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Radio Still Primary Info Source in Africa, But Declining

Television gaining ground as daily listeners of radio drops to 47 percent among respondents

Radio is still the top source of information across the 36 countries in Africa surveyed for the Afrobaromètre study on the African media, but its hold may be starting to slip.

According to the report, 47% people listen to radio daily as a source of information, with 22% a few times a week. Some countries studied are still highly reliant on radio as a source of information, including Mauritius (97% listen daily/several times a week), Namibia (88%), Nigeria (86%) and Kenya (85%).

However, in 16 countries that have been studied since 2002/2003, the daily use of radio has decreased from 61% to 52%. Inversely, the number of people who never use the radio increased from 11% to 16%.

The numbers for TV viewing are on the rise, but still trail radio. The report indicates that 40% of respondents watched TV every day, while 13% said they watched it several times a week.

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