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Radio TechCon Program Set for 2018 Edition

Will discuss lighting for radio, the history of sound design, lessons learned from Norway’s DSO, and more

Radio TechCon organizers have published the full program for the 2018 edition, taking place at IET London: Savoy place on Monday, Nov. 26.

This year, the technical and engineering conference will cover topics including lighting for radio, the history of sound design and building a large transmitter tower without taking the nation off air.

The full program, hosted by presenter David Lloyd, comprises a keynote presentation from ​Judy Parnall,​ chair of the European Broadcasting Union’s technical committee on audio transformation and the role of public services; ​technical lessons learned from Norway’s switch from broadcasting in FM to DAB+; loudness standards for smart speakers and podcasts​; LEDs and radios — h​ow designer kitchens might be interfering with your signal​; and how Bauer eliminated all the buttons in a studio and moved to ​touchscreen​ only.

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In addition, the Radio TechCon trade fair will offer an opportunity for attendees to meet event sponsors Broadcast Bionics, Arqiva, the IET Multimedia Communications Network, Scisys, Broadcast Radio, RCS and Preco, as well as this year’s exhibitors, which include Omniplayer, Hindenburg, Systembase/Beaming, HRadio and HHB.

Tickets for Radio TechCon cost £150 (US$196) + VAT, with discounts available for members of industry associations. Register here.

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