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RadioAsia Workshops Focus on Radio Changes

As the name of the conference implies, radio comes to the fore at RadioAsia.

As the name of the conference implies, radio comes to the fore at RadioAsia. The event runs 19–22 June 2007 at the Singapore Expo and runs concurrently with the BroadcastAsia exhibition and conference.

Organized by Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and Singapore Exhibition Services in partnership with UNESCO, RadioAsia 2007 consists of a half-day of workshops followed by a three-day conference that will look at the role of audiences as agents of change for communications media.

The conventional wisdom is that evolutions in technology for broadcasters to change how they operate. However, according to conference organizers, other factors must be considered, too, including a loss of institutional trust among listeners, online social networking opportunities, time-shifted media usage and so forth.

RadioAsia plans to examine these issues in sessions such as “People Who Make Radio,” “You Need to Know What Audiences Want,” “Reality Check — Are You Ready for the Digital Future” and “Why ‘New Radio’ is Hot and What Makes it Profitable.”

Other sessions will look at how newsgathering operations and public-service broadcasters can make better use of new technologies.

Community radio, the role of radio in aiding development efforts and the rational behind nonprofit broadcasting are also slated for the RadioAsia agenda.