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Radio-Canada Reverses Course on French Rebranding

Public broadcaster won’t change name to “Ici”

Radio-Canada won’t change its name after all.

Last week, the CBC’s French-language channel said it was rebranding itself as “Ici” and dropping “Radio-Canada” from its name.

After much criticism, the broadcaster has reversed course, according to CBC, which reports Radio-Canada President Hubert Lacroix says the reaction is proof that the broadcaster needs to maintain its bond to the audience.

“We apologize for the confusion that was created in people’s minds when we introduced the term Ici as a common denominator for all of our platforms,” Lacroix stated, reported the Globe and Mail. “Our intention was never to distance ourselves from Radio-Canada and everything it represents. However, Radio-Canada has heard the message loud and clear that the public has been sending us over the past few days. We recognize people’s powerful connection to everything that Radio-Canada stands for.”

Originally Radio-Canada said it needed to rebrand to stand out from its competitors.

The French word “ici” means “here” and has long been a part of Radio-Canada’s radio and television reporting. “Ici” will still be used as a tag across all of Radio-Canada’s platforms.

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