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Publisher says both brands’ identities and websites to be maintained

As previously announced, In3media, Inc. has sold to Talk Media, Inc., publisher of Talkers.

Talkers publisher Michael Harrison said in a statement that both and Talkers would retain their independent brands, identities and Websites.

Both companies are officially conducting a merger that will bring ownership of into a partnership between them. The new corporate entity, named Radio Info, Inc., will be the owner and operator of Talkers will remain under the corporate ownership of Talk Media, Inc.

Current publisher Michael Harrison founded Talkers in 1990 as a trade publication covering the talk radio and talk media industries.

Doug Fleming founded in 1999. Since his death in 2005, his parents Diana and Rick Fleming, have continued the business. They now plan to retire.

The deal, which excludes the Radio-Info message boards, becomes effective Monday, Aug. 20. will move to the Talkers headquarters in Springfield, Mass. with Harrison serving as publisher of both trades. He stated that readers can expect the next chapter of Radio-Info “to be an aggressive and dynamic trade publication that will work tirelessly toward supporting, encouraging and instigating a new golden age of 21st century rock, CHR and adult contemporary music radio.”

Tom Taylor, meanwhile, said goodbye to readers Friday in the last version of Radio-Info newsletter he edited. Lured from Inside Radio five years ago, Taylor told readers he’s taking his first break since 1995, and recently delivered 20 boxes of trade publications to the Library of American Broadcasting at the University of Maryland, in College Park. “I grew up around a radio station, and I’ve been lucky enough to have had not one but two careers in the business — first, programming radio stations and now writing about the business. I still think it’s special — or can be — and I’ll bet you do, too.”

Reach him at: [email protected].