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Ramogi FM Leans on Lawo for Visualization

Kenya station adds video content to radio programs with the help of Lawo crystal IP desk, VisTool

Nairobi-based Royal Media Services Ltd. is investing in visual radio with its latest project, Ramogi FM.

With the launch of the visual radio internet station, the electronic media house, which runs more than 14 radio and TV stations, is now offering HD visual content alongside its live radio programs. In addition to allowing for the broadcast of live studio streams, the visual radio system supports promotional videos, advertising and image inserts.

As part of the broadcaster’s move toward visualization, it selected a 12-fader Lawo crystal IP desk to handle audio mixing and camera control, paired with a crystal compact engine matrix offering up to 288 I/Os.

Lawo says the Ramogi FM visual radio solution is fully automated with layout plots and overlay graphics generated automatically, according to a predetermined schedule or in response to a specific event. The station’s live studio features three PTZ [pan , tilt, zoom] controllable cameras, each activated by opening a fader on the audio mixing console. Its visual radio server manages the video sources, using transition effects, overlay graphics and titles and then generates a single stream that is sent to the internet.

For camera control, Ramogi FM also makes use of the Lawo VisTool touchscreen PC software package. According to Lawo, VisTool supports the creation of custom status displays, tablet- and touchscreen-based button panels and mixing console controllers. It can also be used to capture and manage snapshots for Lawo crystal and sapphire radio consoles.