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R&S Adds Compact FM Line

R&S Adds Compact FM Line

The Rohde & Schwarz NR8200 line of compact VHF FM transmitters offers power levels of 2.5 kW to 30 kW. The new air-cooled R&S transmitters contain a digital exciter with AES/EBU interface; they are available in a 19-inch rack.
The transmitter system comprises a digital exciter, power amplifier, transmitter rack with cooling system, power combiner, power distribution unit and transmitter control unit.
The VU825 is modular and includes four self-monitoring and self-protecting 700-W basic modules that are controlled by a 64-W preamplifier. A controller monitors and evaluates protective functions, provides phase correction and controls the RF output power.
A 19-inch rack can accommodate six amplifier modules with the possibility of various air ducting configurations.
The control unit enables local or IP remote retrieval of transmitter and amplifier parameters required for diagnostics.
It is possible for users to configure conventional standby systems such as exciter standby, (n+1) standby, passive standby and active output stage standby. For the exciter standby and the active output stage standby, no additional control units are required.
The company is based in Germany.
Info: e-mail to [email protected] or click here.