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Ramsey Electronics Fined $25,000 on Equipment Marketing

Ramsey Electronics Fined $25,000 on Equipment Marketing

The FCC fined Ramsey Electronics $25,000 for marketing two models of unauthorized FM broadcast transmitters, and two models of external RF power amplifiers.
Following up on a complaint, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau says it investigated Ramsey’s marketing activities and equipment catalog and found Ramsey selling two unauthorized models of assembled FM transmitters, the “FM35WT” and “FM100BWT,” and RF amplifiers designated as “PA100” and “LPA1WT.”
The FM35WT FM transmitter outputs 1 watt of power and FM100BWT power output varies between 5 µW and one watt. The RF amplifier PA100 varies between two and 40 watts of power output while the LPA1WT outputs one watt of power. The first three devices operate in the FM band while the LPA1WT operates in the 300 kHz to 1,000 MHz range.
Ramsey told the FCC it doesn’t need equipment certification for the FM35WT and FM100BWT because Ramsey requires U.S. buyers to sign statements saying those devices will be exported, and that certification doesn’t apply to the PA100 and LPA1WT because those devices are not intentional radiators.
The FCC rejected Ramsey’s arguments; it said in its decision the company doesn’t export all the transmitters sold and that the amplifiers are intentional radiators and need to be certified.
The commission fined Ramsey $7,000 for each of the four models, then knocked off $3,000 for past good compliance for a total of $25,000. Ramsey had 30 days to pay, or seek a reduction or cancellation. The supplier must also submit a report within that time describing what steps it has taken to come into compliance.
A call to Ramsey for comment was not returned.