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RDS Products Hot at Radio Experience

RDS Products Hot at Radio Experience

Profanity delays aren’t the only products moving quickly off supplier shelves right now.
According to Allen Hartle of The Radio Experience, his company has “about doubled” its station user count since an Entercom project heralded an RDS resurgence last year.
Hartle says 110 stations are using his company’s Now Playing & RDS Accelerator hardware, including stations owned by Susquehanna, Bonneville, Renda, Sandusky, Citadel, Barnstable, Fisher, Beasley, Nassau and Infinity. Markets include San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix and Oklahoma City.
In an e-mail to Radio World, Hartle wrote, “I expect the real mother-load of stations to arrive this year as the – this is almost a joke – ‘early adopters’ wane, and the rest of U.S. stations realize they should get on board the RDS train.” Info: