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Rehr Takes Aim At Satcasters, Hails Broadcast Digital Future

Rehr Takes Aim At Satcasters, Hails Broadcast Digital Future

Addressing the National Press Club in Washington, NAB President/CEO David Rehr outlined his vision for the future of broadcasting and reasserted radio and TV’s position as the overwhelming choice of media in America.
He conceded that local stations have “inadvertently relinquished some of the excitement occurring in broadcasting to our competitors. That ends today, because we have a very compelling story to tell.”
Rehr said, that “by any measure, broadcasting remains the undisputed leader in news and entertainment.”
Rehr referenced “misperceptions” about satellite radio, which he said has “done a good job” hyping a still-unprofitable product. Rehr said:
• Satellite radio’s reported 12 million subscribers compares to 260 million local radio listeners per week.
• He alleged that Sirius counts on its customer list some 500,000 subscribers derived from “empty cars that sit in dealer parking lots.”
Rehr said both radio and TV broadcasters are “seizing the digital future” through the transition to HD Radio and DTV. Read Rehr’s entire speech here.