RF Radiation Safety Seminar at NAB Show

IEEE BTS to host Broadcast Engineering Conference session
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The IEEE’s Broadcast Technology Society will host an RF radiation safety tutorial at the NAB Show, April 13, starting at 3 p.m.

RF Radiation Exposure Safety Standards, Practices and Regulations,” part of the Broadcast Engineering Conference, will look at regulations, current and proposed along with facility and personal practices and considerations. Session chairs are Eric Wandel, president, Wavepoint Research, and Robert Cleveland, EMF Consulting.

IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety TC95 Chairman C.K. Chou will speak on IEEE standards.

Martin Doczkat, technical analysis branch chief for the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology, will provide information on FCC regulations and proposals on RF standards. Later, Doczkat and James Hatfield of Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers will present “examples of RF exposure problems, including measurement equipment and techniques that take into account operator-induced uncertainty.”

The NAB’s Vice President for Spectrum Policy Bob Weller will “discuss practical considerations such as responsibility at multiple-user sites, collocation considerations, techniques in antenna system design to reduce unwanted RF, and rooftop and tower analysis of RF exposure.”


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Spotlight on RF Safety

A prominent feature of the NAB Radio Show’s technical sessions is a two-part course on RF safety by Richard Strickland of RF Safety Solutions on Thursday, Sept. 27.