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RFmondial Supplies DAB+ Gear to RTG Radio Technikum

Has delivered an entire DAB+ broadcast solution for the CityMUX ensemble in Vienna

RFmondial GmbH has equipped RTG Radio Technikum GmbH with a complete integrated broadcast, monitoring and logging solution for its first DAB+ ensemble, CityMUX, in Vienna.

In April, the organization launched the regular DAB+ service for the Austrian capital and surrounding areas, which its sees as setting the foundation for ongoing digital radio development in Austria.

“This digital radio network is regarded as critical infrastructure, which should also transfer the Emergency Warning Functionality and TPEG-traffic information,” said Gernot Fischer of RTG Radio Technikum GmbH. “For that reason the implementation of a highly reliable solution and system components were top priority when choosing the network architecture.”

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RFmondial provided RTG Radio with a complete DAB+ broadcast system, which consisted of the DAB ContentServer, DAB monitoring receiver and DAB archiver.

RFmondial says its ContentServer, which is based on Fraunhofer technology, provides data and audio services as well as interfaces for integration into the broadcast chain; the RF-DAB monitoring receiver features parallel decoding of complete multiplexes, including access to audio and data services and SFN synchronization monitoring; and the RFarchiver directly stores multiplex streams and provides access to archived content for multiple web users