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Roku Adds Internet Radio

'Watch Netflix movies on your TV with Roku, or tune to your favorite radio'

Showing that apps are not just for smartphones, Internet-fed movie and program player Roku has added an Internet radio channel to its content options.

The Roku RadioTime Channel will be “powered” by RadioTime, an Internet radio portal claiming more than 20,000 stations, both AM/FM and Internet-only. Users can access stations by genre, location or language.

The channel will be free to Roku users. Users will be able to access their free RadioTime accounts (as they would if they were listening via the Web) if they have them, though they are not required.

Interestingly, the new offering is courtesy not of Roku or RadioTime but a user who initially created the channel using Roku’s free and publicly available software development kit (SDK) and utilizing RadioTime’s open application programming interface (API) to build the application. It is now officially approved by both companies.