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Rosenworcel Says Goodbye

Commissioner says she had a “front row seat at the digital revolution”

Update: Outgoing President Obama on Wednesday renominated Rosenworcel. The outlook for the nomination is unclear; read coverage here.

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has stepped down from her seat at the Federal Communications Commission. Her term expired and her reappointment was not confirmed by the Senate.

Rosenworcel, who was a Democrat appointment, authored a farewell message on the FCC blog on Dec. 30. She wrote that the position “provided me with a front row seat at the digital revolution” and also expressed hope that her work has “laid the foundation for a more safe, prosperous and connected future for all.”

In her sign off, Rosenworcel also highlighted some of her signature issues during her nearly five-year term on the commission.

Some of those include updating emergency systems to improve access to 911; addressing the “Homework Gap” and improving broadband access in poor and rural homes; network neutrality; encouraging more women to enter STEM fields; implementing 5G wireless technology; and more.

Read Commissioner Rosenworcel’s farewell address, “Bringing the Connected Future to All Americans, May 11, 2012 – January 3, 2017,” in its entirety on the FCC website.