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New ebook features information on recent codec developments, ways to creatively use codecs to streamline operations, and more
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Audio codecs play a fundamental part in the operation of any radio station. What new technology is available today and how can it be easily implemented to improve the quality of your broadcast?

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This latest Radio World International eBook outlines recent codec advances, the evolution in design, as well as ideas to creatively apply this technology and streamline operations. It provides examples of innovative ways radio broadcasters are using codecs, how they have reduced operating costs, overcome topology challenges, successfully integrated IP into their broadcasts, and more.

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How IP is Changing Radio Broadcasting From the Field promo image

How IP is Changing Radio Broadcasting From the Field

Remote IP codecs are portable, rugged and stable systems that offer increased bandwidth connectivity, hybrid functionality and connection flexibility. And they are changing the game for radio broadcasters. This eBook provides radio broadcasters some real world examples of stations that are using remote IP codecs as well as tips for assessing which one best fits the bill.