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Sale Rep. Firm for Independent Radio Web Stations is Launched

Sale Rep. Firm for Independent Radio Web Stations is Launched

A sales firm has come on the scene to represent Internet radio stations to advertisers. Net Radio Sales claims its network of Internet radio stations reaches approximately 20% of the total Internet radio listening audience in the U.S. Stations represented in the network include,,,, and, as well as Adsertion Technologies.
“Internet radio continues to develop into a powerful medium for advertisers,” said Net Radio Sales President Jennifer Lane. “With a total monthly audience that has topped 30 million Americans, advertisers are beginning to take notice of the opportunities Internet radio presents for reaching affluent and educated adults – particularly professionals in the workplace.”
According to Lane, while the stations owned by big media groups such as AOL and Yahoo have their own sales efforts, there was an opportunity for a rep firm to specifically represent independent Webcasters.
Lane, who is also director of radio and Internet for Aritaur Communications, is a 20-year veteran of the broadcast radio industry with experience in local and national radio sales. Leading the Net Radio Sales team are Kevin Shively, former VP of on the east coast, and Eric Floyd, formerly of Hiwire and Live365 on the west coast.