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Salem Uses WMCA Brand to Promote Sister Station

Salem Uses WMCA Brand to Promote Sister Station

Salem is taking a new marketing tack with its AM outlets in the New York area, using two stations that it promotes as one “48-hour” outlet.
It said WMCA will broadcast “distinct, 24-hours of programming on 570 AM and 970 AM. Listeners can tune in to Christian Talk and Teach programming on each station, making WMCA the only 48-hour radio station in the country.”
The stations are being promoted as WMCA 570 and WMCA 970. The 970 outlet is WWDJ(AM), based in Hackensack, which had been branded as 970 DJ.
Dave Armstrong is VP and GM, and gave a flavor of how his company plans to market the combo in the announcement. He stated: “WMCA has become so big that we are the only radio station on the planet that needs 48 hours a day to provide all the excellent programming that we want to offer our audience.”
The stations carry programs like “Focus on the Family,” “The Bible Answerman” and “Kevin McCullough Live from New York.”