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Sales Accounting in the Cloud

RAB launches account management app

The Radio Advertising Bureau’s new app, Account Manager, is part of two current waves of activity: apps for seemingly everything, and “the cloud” performing a seemingly endless number of tasks.

Account Manager is designed to take CRM, account management and projections and put them onto the Internet, making them accessible from anywhere at any time, provided an Internet connection and browser are available. Account Manager also is integrated with a user’s account.

RAB President and CEO Jeff Haley states: “We’ve long felt that a customized account management tool would benefit our members and the entire industry and are thrilled a number of member groups are early adopters.”

Account Manager is a browser-based app so it is platform-agnostic and will work on the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Palm, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. Its pricing structure is $50 per base account, including five free users, with additional user subaccounts at $5 per month.