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Sales of Eureka Radios Rose in 2003

Sales of Eureka Radios Rose in 2003

Sales of Eureka-147 digital radios picked up in the U.K. in 2003. The Digital Radio Development Bureau released figures showing digital radio sales of 133,300 in December 2003, with the majority coming in the kitchen portable radio sector. The figures were compiled by GfK, independent auditors of the home electronics market.
At the end of 2003, DAB digital radios were in 435,000 UK homes, an increase of 222% in one year, according to the marketing group.
About 300,000 digital radios were sold in 2003 and, at an average price point of $184, this translates to $55.2 million worth of sales.
Awareness of digital radio rose 30% in quarter four 2003 following promotional campaigns from the BBC and commercial radio. About 43%
of the population, 25 million people, are familiar with digital radio, so says the marketing group.
Receiver manufacturers doubled the number of different products available to consumers. In 2003, more than 30 new products were launched, and prices dropped to around $120.
As RW reported earlier, five new Eureka products have arrived this year. Manufacturers are expected to launch more product and double the range this year. The DRDB predicts by December 2004 there will be 1 million DAB radios in UK homes.