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Sales of Wheatstone Processors Reported

Univision Chicago gets 15 M2 mic processors

From the Who’s Buying What page:

Wheatstone reported a number of recent processor sales.

Beasley’s WNCT(FM) in Greenville, N.C., purchased an AirAura spectral audio processor. Cox Broadcasting in Houston purchased three M1 mic processors, while KUZZ(FM) (Bakersfield, Calif.) purchased one of that model.

KXST(FM) Las Vegas ordered two M1 digital mic processors through dealer SCMS.

KVOC(AM) (Casper, Wyo.) purchased four VP-8 Plus audio processors; Bonneville (Salt Lake City) purchased two M2 mic processors; and Univision (Chicago) purchased 15 M2 mic processors, all through BSW.

Foshan Radio China purchased an FM-10HD audio processor through Audio Design Company.

CBC Radio, Canada, purchased a WheatNet-IP Blade with Vorsis processing plus GP-16 panel for a WheatNet-IP system, through Marketing Marc Vallee. And CJLS(FM) (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia) installed an AP2000 Vorsis digital on-air spectral processor through Ron Paley Broadcast.

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