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SBC Is Top National Radio Spender

SBC Is Top National Radio Spender

Telecommunications, home improvement, cars and media.
Those are the types of companies spending the most money on national radio ads, according to marketing firm Interep, which analyzed CMR data.
SBC Communications occupied the top position last year, followed by Home Depot, the Daimler Chrysler Dealers Association and Time Warner.
Interep said 18 of the top 25 spending companies in radio increased their dollars allocated to radio, and that overall, the top 25 national advertisers increased radio spending by 23% over the previous year.
The company’s Michele Skettino wrote that “While national radio saw moderate growth in 2003, the medium’s strongest users increased their radio spending by 23%. These same advertisers increased their total national ad spending by about 13%. This means that the share of advertising allocated to radio by these top marketers also increased last year, which is key to radio’s continued growth.”