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SBE Adds ‘AM Directional Specialist’ Certification, More to Come

SBE Adds 'AM Directional Specialist' Certification, More to Come

For many years, AM experts have bemoaned what they perceived as the declining pool of expertise in AM transmission systems, particularly DAs.
So it should come as good news that the first in a new series of SBE “Specialist” certifications focuses on AM directionals.
SBE VP and Certification Committee Chairman Chriss Scherer said in a statement that the Specialist Certifications “are being established to provide a benchmark of knowledge in specific, specialized areas and to recognize those who have attained that knowledge.”
An exam will help evaluate a person’s ability to perform the necessary tasks to keep AM directional facilities operating properly. SBE said it anticipates announcing more Specialist Certifications.
To apply and take the test, an applicant must hold SBE certification at the CBE, CSBE or CPBE level.
For info: and click on SBE Certification Program.