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SBE CBNT Certification Hits 1,000 Mark

SBE CBNT Certification Hits 1,000 Mark

The Society of Broadcast Engineers says the number of people holding SBE Certified Broadcast Network Technologist training has exceeded 1,000, and did so in only five years.
“The CBNT certification covers topics that are becoming a staple part of broadcast engineering, and this information also is being added to the existing Core Four levels of SBE certification from the Certified Broadcaster Technologist to Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer,” said SBE President Raymond Benedict, CPBE.
CBNT certification was introduced at NAB2000, after Terry Baun, CPBE CBNT, then chairman of the SBE National Certification Committee, identified what he called a chasm between traditional RF, audio and video-based broadcast engineering and computer networking. He devised the certification as a way to demonstrate familiarity with networking hardware.
During the last nine months of 2000, 129 people obtained the certification; 2001 was the busiest year to date, with 395 people obtaining the certification. SBE says it has shown steady growth since.