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SBE Mentor Program Continues to Flourish

More than 100 mentors and mentees from TV and radio engineering fields have connected

Making mentoring a priority within its organization, the Society of Broadcast Engineers announced it reached a milestone, connecting more than 100 professional mentors and mentees.

The SBE Mentor Program was launched in October 2016 to connect new broadcast engineers with seasoned professionals so that empirical and practical knowledge can be shared.

“We are proud to involve so many in this effort and hope to continue to reach the next generation of broadcast and multimedia technologists as this program grows,” said Mentor Committee Chair Chris Tarr. “This is a remarkable milestone.”

Under the program, partnerships are entered into for the length of one year but they can be extended, with mentors and mentees establishing a schedule that works best for the pair. Some mentors in the program are counseling more than one mentee, with 49 mentors and 60 mentees participating as of March 2022.

The SBE Mentor Program grew when the SBE began its Technical Professional Training Program in 2021. There are currently 29 mentees in that program as well.

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“The SBE continues to increase its focus on broadcast and multimedia technology education programs, and the SBE Mentor Program is just one of many undertakings to achieve this goal,” said SBE President Andrea Cummis.

For those looking to participate, the SBE said that mentors are needed from both the radio and television industries. More information can be found online or by contacting SBE Education Director Cathy Orosz at [email protected].