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SBE Moves Forward with Strategic Planning

Task forces will focus on rebranding, membership, education, awards

In formulating a new strategic plan about every five years, the Society of Broadcast Engineers examines how the organization might better serve its members. As part of this process, members articulate what issues are most important to them at a strategic planning meeting.

This year, certain thematic questions emerged: Who should be an SBE member?, Should SBE consider rebranding?, How can the national awards be improved? and How can training be improved for chapter leadership?

In December, Ralph Hogan, SBE president, tapped members to lead task forces determined by these questions. Radio World checked in with Hogan for an update on what’s happening with the strategic planning initiative.

According to Hogan, based on the working groups’ recommendations, the board voted at the Oct. 23, 2012, board of directors meeting to focus on six different areas before the next SBE meeting. Based on the strategic plan’s recommendations, they will examine: who the organization’s members should be and how to approach youth outreach; how to better train chapter leadership; the possibility of adding more awards to the program; possible rebranding of the organization; and planning for the 2014 celebration of the group’s 50th anniversary.

The task forces are to make recommendations to the larger body at the April board meeting in Las Vegas. When possible, they are led by the heads of the relevant SBE committees. The task forces and chairs are:

• Who Should Our Members Be/Outreach to Youth: chaired by Tim Anderson of the Membership Committee
• Chapter Leadership Training — Webinar: chaired by Wayne Pecena of the Education Committee
• Update National Awards Program: chaired by John Heimerl of the Awards Committee
• Possible Rebranding of the SBE: chaired by Joe Snelson
• SBE 50th Anniversary Celebration: co-chaired by Ralph Hogan and Chris Imlay

Hogan was hesitant to comment on possible rebranding initiatives, instead choosing to defer to the task force’s future recommendations and noting that the task forces likely have not even had time to meet yet.

Society of Broadcast Engineers Look Toward the Future