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School Streamers Pleased With Royalty Deal

School Streamers Pleased With Royalty Deal

A successful negotiation between the Recording Industry Association of America and several groups representing the spectrum of noncommercial Webcasters translates into good news for college and K-12 Webcasters.
The deal provides a royalty scheme alternative to rates previously established by the Librarian of Congress and will allow many school Webcasters to continue providing music over the Internet while allowing new services on many campuses.
“We have been working for several years to ensure rates and terms that will allow our member stations to continue to grow and innovate,” stated Will Robedee, vice-chairman of Collegiate Broadcasters Inc., who negotiated on behalf of college Webcasters.
“While these rates and conditions are not everything we had hoped for, this agreement represents a significant step in securing a future for college Webcasters.”
According to Robedee, most college radio stations re-transmitting their over-the-air programming will see royalty rates cut approximately in half, and Internet-only college stations will benefit from even greater savings.
College Webcasters had faced high royalty rates and intricate record-keeping requirements under the previous plan. The current deal means greatly reduced fees dating to 1998 and continuing forward until the end of 2004, along with total relief from any potential record-keeping duties.