SCMS Notes Dielectric Sale in Abilene

SCMS Notes Dielectric Sale in Abilene
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From the Who's Buying What page of Radio World:
SCMS said FM Christian radio station KGNZ in Abilene, Texas, has chosen a Dielectric Communications DCR-M10CFE antenna for its new transmission system. The contract includes a 695-foot Valmont/Pirod tower and Dielectric 3-1/8" FlexLine Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable. Towers for Jesus of Plymouth, Ind., will erect the tower.
Tyler Callis of SCMS said, "The DCR-M series are inherently broad antennae, but this one is being tuned for optimum performance on two particular frequencies to minimize future tower loading."
The antenna will be a 9/10 wavelength spaced. Callis said it achieves over 90% of the gain of full wavelength spacing but provides a broader main lobe and very little downward radiation.