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Senate Democrats Push for Rosenworcel Vote

Markey says that he lifted hold on assurance nomination would proceed

The ranking members of the Senate Commerce Committee Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and Communications Subcommittee Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, Wednesday called again for a vote on the nomination of FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel to a new term. They were joined by Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass.

While the Commerce Committee unanimously recommended her for a new term, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has yet to schedule a floor vote.

During what proved to be a bipartisan vote on an FCC reauthorization bill, Schatz said that was a fly in that bipartisan ointment. He said the Senate needed to do its job and Nelson echoed that.

He pointed out, as had minority leader Sen. Harry Reid in a floor statement two weeks ago, that McConnell had promised a vote when Democrats agreed to vote out Republican Mike O’Rielly last year. In a tradition that dates back to the Clinton administration, Republican congressional leaders get to essentially pick Republican commissioners and Democratic leaders the Democrat.

Markey said the he was planning to put a hold on O’Rielly’s nomination but got “complete” assurances from Reid, who had gotten assurances from McConnell, that Rosenworcel would get a vote. Here we are now in April and no vote, he said. He said he never would have relinquished his hold without the assurances from Republicans. He called on them to expedite the process and give her the “honor” of being reconfirmed.

Her term has already expired, but she can serve until December.

Republican Commerce Committee chairman John Thune, R-S.D., said the committee had done its job by reporting her out favorably for a vote, and that it was now up to the two Senate leaders. “We have done our part at this level to move it forward,” he said.

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