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Senate to Vote on Online Sales in May

Marketplace Fairness Act seeks to level the playing field between brick and mortar versus online retailers

The Senate has set a date to vote on the Marketplace Fairness Act, aiming for May.

The bill empowers states to collect taxes for online purchases for buyers who live in those states.

The intent is to narrow or eliminate the gap between what brick and mortar retailers can collect on a purchase versus what an online retailer can collect. Now, consumers can pay a lot less in some cases by shopping online, typically getting a demo of a device in a brick and mortar store, but then completing the actual purchase from a different retailer online.

The measure affects radio equipment purchases, we’ve reported.

The Senate voted late yesterday to end debate and actually vote on the bill when lawmakers return from recess on May 6.

If passed the measure then has a tougher road in the House, where opposition is said to be stronger than in the Senate.

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