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Shabab Radio Connects Refugees, Local Community

Athens-based internet radio station aims to drive intercultural dialogue and exchange

A group of migrants, refugees and locals in Athens have come together to create Shabab Radio internet radio station. On its website, the station is described as “an international team of local, neo-local, temporary premises” that crossed paths in Athens.

Shabab Radio, which means “buddies” in Arabic, was created on May 21 and broadcasts in English, Arabic, Farsi and Greek. The station says it aims to circulate “intercultural discourse,” and targets the 20 to 40 age group.

“We want to do radio because we believe that media has an important role in building bridges and driving intercultural dialogue and exchange,” the station writes on its homepage. “Being in close contact with refugees in camps, we’ve also experienced that people have a strong need to get their stories heard, but often feel uncomfortable to show their faces on camera. Shabab Radio provides a trustful, straight-forward means to connect.”

The station also states that it is about to develop a Europe-wide Shabab Radio network with local programs, interviews and on the ground reporters.