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Gorman-Redlich Will Show EAS CG2

Jim Gorman first exhibited in 1979

One in a series of interviews with manufacturers and suppliers about new offerings heading into the NAB Show. This is with Jim Gorman of Gorman-Redlich Mfg. Co.

Q: Emergency alerting is very much in the news. How have EAS developments affected your customers; and what EAS products or themes will you be talking about at the show?

Gorman: Customers are reluctant to purchase new equipment and express trepidation due to the fact that so much has not been determined — from where CAP alert messages will be disseminated, how CAP will be incorporated into state plans, to what type of equipment will be required and how broadband Internet connections will be available in remote locations.

Q: What products or themes will Gorman-Redlich focus on?
Gorman: The new Gorman-Redlich EAS CG/2 unit [shown], which now features two built-in character generators; and a new unit that allows up to four additional character generators for a total of six.

Q: You’re an NAB veteran. What was your first, and how has the show changed over the years?
Gorman: I first exhibited around 1979 when the convention was in three different hotels in Washington, D.C. It has grown to where you cannot see everybody you want to see.

Q: Who owns your company?
Gorman: The real Jim Gorman owns the company in Athens, Ohio. There are four employees but is currently hiring additional people for the CAP production.

Q: Anything else we should know about your business direction or new products?
Gorman: Gorman-Redlich is catering to LPTV and other broadcasters requiring multiple CG outputs and all broadcasters seeking an affordable solution to CAP requirements. Development is also underway on an EAS encoder/decoder with integrated CAP capabilities.

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