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Gorman-Redlich Releases CAP Software Update

It will put users in compliance with EAS rule change deadline

Gorman-Redlich has published a software update for users of its CAP-DEC 1 CAP-to-EAS converter. 

U.S. radio stations must bring their existing EAS gear into compliance with new FCC rules by the Dec. 12 deadline. The commission last year released an order intended to bring more consistency to alerting and maximize the effectiveness of the public warning system. The changes include prioritized CAP polling, changes in the text for the EAN (Presidential) event code and a new script for the National Periodic Test or NPT.

The Gorman-Redlich software update will update the clock on the EAS unit to internet time and allow the RWT to be sent from a remote location or scheduled for a future time and date using Teamviewer or any other remote program.

President Jim Gorman says customers should make sure they are running the most updated versions of EAS software. “We install updates over the internet so that the CAP unit need not be sent in to us.”

This update is for anyone running a version of the CAP program V2.76.3 or later. If a station has done all previous required updates, the cost for the update is $150.

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