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IBC Sneak Peek: 2wcom Introduces 4audio MPX Range

Modular FM, RDS and MPX line of products further facilitates audio distribution

2wcom says its FM/RDS and analog/digital MPX over IP product line is undergoing a “monumental change.” The German firm is replacing its C02 RDS encoder, S02 stereo generator and the analog/digital MPX over IP codecs FMC01 with the new 4audio MPX product series.

According to the company, the new software-oriented and Linux-based scalable 4audio MPX range lets operators configure the system according to specific requirements. The compact solution is housed in a 19-inch’ 1HU rack unit.

The new line let’s users, for example, combine the RDS encoder, stereo generator and an analog/digital MPX over IP codec into one device that is able to generate the MPX signal and encode or decode it 100% lossless for further distribution.

The solution also gives operators the option to select the modules depending on their needs. At transmitter sites users can easily add local RDS data to the MPX signal already assembled at broadcaster’s main studio.

An optionally available SAT receiver enables technical staff to receive the MPX signal via satellite if it’s more economical compared to operating IP or both sources in parallel for redundancy switching to the best signal available. In addition the 4audio MPX-d decoder can be equipped with a FM tuner module to monitor audio and RDS signals or to rebroadcast the received programs.

4audio MPX provides a variety of new software-activated features. The device is equipped with inputs for analog/digital MPX, analog audio, AES/EBU and AoIP. As a result, the stereo generator now also supports all common standards and protocols for AoIP streaming, control and status.

IBC Stand: 8.E78

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