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RadioMan Clipper Is a Web Audio Production Platform

Jutel will introduce it at the IBC Show

Jutel says RadioMan Clipper lets you transform ideas into polished audio for live broadcasting within seconds.

It is a web audio production platform that supports mobile app environments, virtual browser-based production and media asset management in the cloud.

“The main goal and driver behind the RadioMan Clipper was to deliver on the promise of a ‘single audio toolset platform for all journalists’ for audio production and management,” the company states. 

“Clipper has been created to provide a unified platform for audio production so that journalists don’t need separate tools for recording, mobile audio editing, metadata generation, audio transfer, remote media asset management, and multitrack audio editing. A single platform helps the broadcaster in production environment management, user management, updates and data security.”

Clipper allows journalists to record and edit audio via a mobile app or browser-based multi-track editor.

The app allows them to record interviews and comments; write notes and journalistic texts; modify clips with basic single-track audio editing; and manage files locally in the handset or transfer the results into cloud-based media asset management for further use.

Clipper is integrated with the RadioMan 6 cloud-based broadcast environment, so material produced in Clipper is visible in RadioMan 6. It also integrates with other media asset platforms or file-based asset management platforms.

IBC Stand: 8.F79

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