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WorldCast Expands Its Measurement Lineup

The Audemat MC6 handles testing of both FM and DAB

WorldCast Systems will show the new Audemat MC6 at the upcoming IBC Show.

It is a mobile test and measurement solution for DAB and/or FM, intended for the use of broadcasters, operators and regulators.

The existing Audemat FM MC5 is for FM measurement. The new MC6 builds on that but adds features and expands to DAB as well, WorldCast said in its announcement.

“It also draws from the company’s expertise in DAB with its award-winning Audemat DAB Probe for QoS/QoE monitoring,” it said.

Features include multi-DAB measurement capabilities with two receivers and additional multi-FM receivers, and a scalable design to allow expansion if a network grows.

Including DAB/FM drive tests, the option for GoldenEar for mathematical and objective quality ratings of DAB and FM signals during the drive tests, and DAB/FM commissioning, the Audemat MC6 ensures precise and versatile signal measurement.”

The company also highlights a user-friendly graphical user interface. The MC6 is expected to ship by the end of the year.

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