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Dielectric Highlights “Switchless Switch”

Useful for analyzing and troubleshooting lower-power FM and TV installations

Dielectric said it will exhibit a new RF filter topology for TV and FM radio installations at the NAB Show.

It will introduce an Advanced Filter Topology solution that allows broadcasters to proof feeds within the filter as they exit the transmitter and approach the RF load or the antenna.

Designed primary for low-power broadcasters, Dielectric’s innovation eliminates the traditional RF switch and other interconnections between the filter and transmitter,” the company said in its announcement. 

It described this approach as a “switchless switch,” with a single unit that is affordable and easy to install. It said customers have asked for a single solution to send TV and FM feeds directly into the antenna and dummy load.

It noted that some lower-power broadcasters already operate RF systems without the switch, but that they give up some troubleshooting ability in doing so.

Cory Edwards, Southeast Asia sales and OEM manager, was quoted saying “The absence of a coaxial or waveguide switch means that the broadcaster cannot isolate the load and determine the problem.” He said the new filter topology builds those capabilities into the filter design. “Even without a dedicated RF switch, the broadcaster can now isolate the load and pinpoint whether the problem is in the transmitter, the transmission line or the antenna.”

Because the device is passive, it avoids any reliability issues associated with moving parts and electronics.

Dielectric will be in NAB Show Booth W3601. Dielectric Electrical Engineer Anthony Traviglini will present a paper on the topic in the Broadcast Engineering & IT Conference. 

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